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Two students killed by train while recording anti-suicide video on tracks

By Alexis Bell 6:44 AM February 14, 2018
Train tracks (illustration)

Students who were on a mission to save lives lost their own after being run over by a train while recording an anti-suicide video on the tracks.

19-year-old Sunil Tanti and 20-year-old Soishob Dolui, both of India, died at the scene after being run over by the train.

Soumya Santra, 20, who survived the accident, told police that they were recording the video, which they were going to post to YouTube, to help people who want to commit suicide.

The college students wanted to make the scenario look as real as possible so they chose to record themselves on the train tracks.

The three teens went to the train tracks between Dum Dum and Belghoria near Kolkata, where they played a scene of a student trying to commit suicide.

Dolui was acting out the role of a college student who wanted to commit suicide by jumping in front of a train after failing his annual college exam.

Tanti played the role of a friend who was convincing the suicidal teen not to take the extreme step.

Santra told police that earlier when a train approached, they moved out of the way, but the second time, they did not see the train coming.

After watching the recorded video, police superintendent at Sealdah, Ashesh Biswas, said: “it is clear that the three were so engrossed in shooting that they could not hear the oncoming train’s whistle.”

The families of the students knew about their project beforehand but are shocked by their sudden loss.