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Video shows aggressive rat jumping at people on shopping mall escalator

By William Martin 8:27 AM February 13, 2018
The rat

Many people stopped their shopping trip to watch as an aggressive rat terrorized shoppers at a mall.

The video of the incident went viral and has brought laughter to many people who watched it.

The incident unfolded on an escalator in the Philippines.

The video taken at the Manila mall shows men and women walking down the escalator that was not in motion.

The large rat sat at the side of one step, and as soon as a person approached, the rat pounced. The rat was seen standing on its two legs as it searched for its next victim.

Men and women were seen running as the rat pounced at them.

People shared the video with officials of the Manila City Health Office Sanitation Division. They launched an investigation and found that the waste in the area was being disposed incorrectly and that attracted the rats.