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Widowed father had sex with teenage daughter and gets her pregnant because she looks like her deceased mother

By Mason White 7:09 AM February 14, 2018
Viashima Ukegi

A father was arrested for engaging in a sexual relationship with his teenage daughter.

44-year-old Viashima Titus Ukegi from Nasarawa, Nigeria, raised his daughter, Mary Doosur Ukegi, by himself for many years.

His wife, Cecilia Torkwase, died soon after giving birth to their daughter in 2001.

Ukegi said that as the girl matured and began having an adult figure, she began looking like her mother and he was attracted to her.

The father began seducing his daughter and forcing himself onto her.

The rape came to light when Mary, who is now 17-years-old, did not get her period.

A doctor confirmed that she was 3 months pregnant. Mary told the doctor that she had sex with her father and he was arrested.

Ukegi told police: “It was a terrible thing that in my mind it was like I was seeing my late wife. My daughter had a very good shape and reminded me of her mother.”

According to police the father then added: “I was feeling bad that one day somebody will enjoy her so I decided to take my own share and that resulted in pregnancy.”