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Woman falls madly in love with Tetris game and plans to marry it in festive ceremony with friends

By William Martin 1:49 PM February 5, 2018
Fractal Tetris Huracan

A woman of Florida announced that she plans to marry her Tetris game because nobody can give her pleasure like the colored bricks.

Noorul Mahjabeen Hassan, 20, fell in love with the game two years again.

She stumbled upon the game by accident.

She was playing Smash Run and heard the classic Tetris tune in the background.

After hearing the Tetris tune, she decided to play the game.

That is when she fell in love with Tetris.

Hassan changed her name to Fractal Tetris Huracan and she calls herself Hurricane Tetris on Twitter.

Hassan plans to get married to Tetris after she graduated from college.

She acknowledges that the wedding vows will not be legally binding but she will have a festive ceremony with family and friends.

Hassan identifies herself as an objectum sexual.

When she was a child, Hassan fell in love with monorails, iPods, and treadmills.

When she turned 10-years-old, Hassan fell in love with a Garmin GPS.

She loved the way the GPS spoke and this gave her sexual pleasure.

When she turned 16-years-old, Hassan asked her mother to buy a calculator, which she named Pierre because it was very pretty.

On her days off, Hassan plays Tetris for 12 hours on a Gameboy or websites.

She also collects Tetris theme home furnishings.

Hassan enjoys a physical relationship with Tetris objects.

She sleeps with Tetris hard drives and pillows.

On one video, Hassan is seen kissing a Tetris game and telling it how much she loved it.