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Woman finds 2 and 4-year-old grandchildren in bed with her deceased son-in-law

By Mason White 1:35 PM February 1, 2018
Chris Daykin with his wife and kids

A grandmother was horrified to see her two grandchildren in bed with her deceased son-in-law, according to police in the United Kingdom.

West Yorkshire police said that they were called to a home for a welfare check when they found Chris Daykin dead in his bed along with his two daughters, Pearl, 4, and Iris, 2.

A coroner ruled that Daykin died of heart failure in his sleep.

The children were alone with their father’s dead body for around 24 hours until their mother, Helen, called her mother to check on her husband and kids.

The incident unfolded when Helen traveled to London for business.

At 8:00 a.m., Helen called her husband Chris but he did not answer his phone.

She assumed that her husband was busy taking Pearl to school.

When she called again a bit later, Chris still did not answer his phone.

Helen believed that her husband just lost his phone and continued on with her day as usual.

Meanwhile, Pearl’s school called Chris to check why she had not arrived at school.

When the school did not get an answer, they just assumed that the kid took a day off.

Later in the evening, Helen got nervous and called her mother to check on her husband and kids.

When Helen’s mother arrived at Chris’ home, she noticed that is was dark and milk was on the table.

She became very worried and called the police.

Police broke down the door and found Chris dead in his bed.

Pearl and Iris were cuddling with their deceased father.

Pearl told her mother that she gave Chris indigestion medication in order to wake him up but it did not help.

Luckily, the young girls did not suffer any injuries while they were alone.

They did make a mess by unpacking everything in their mother’s closet.