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Woman who refused to let go of her purse during security check seen on video climbing into X-ray machine

By Emily Lewis 7:34 AM February 15, 2018
The woman in the x-ray machine

Officials released a video, showing a woman climbing into an X-ray machine after refusing to let go of her purse.

The incident unfolded at a train station in China.

Security officers at the Dongguan Railway Station in Guangdong spotted the woman holding her purse after placing her suitcase on the conveyor belt.

A female officer ordered the woman to go back and place her purse on the conveyor belt as well.

The woman did not want to let go of her small purse so she climbed onto the conveyor belt and she traveled past the X-ray machine with her belongings.

The female employee was seen laughing while watching the woman getting off the conveyor belt. Her co-workers who were operating the machine from an office also seemed startled by the bizarre behavior.

The video of the incident was uploaded to the Internet, where it went viral.