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Woman shoots gun at her ex-boyfriend to stop him from selling drugs to her mother

By Mason White 6:58 AM February 14, 2018
Jennifer Snell

A woman was furious when she saw her ex-boyfriend trying to make money by selling drugs to her mother.

Jennifer Snell of Florida saw her mother speaking to her ex-boyfriend who was involved in dealing drugs.

The drug deal was set to take place at a gas station near a 24-hour Walmart. Police said that surveillance video captured the incident, which “played out like a movie.”

According to Brooksville Police Chief George Turner, Snell’s mother agreed to purchase a quarter-pound of marijuana from her daughter’s ex-boyfriend.

When Snell found out, she tried to stop the sale with violence. She allegedly got into her car and rammed the man’s vehicle.

When the man got into his car and drove off, Snell pulled her gun and fired 6 shots in his direction. The man was not hurt as all the bullets hit the back of his car, including the bumper and tail light.

Police said that the drug deal between Snell’s mother and her ex-boyfriend did not go through.

Snell was arrested on multiple charges stemming from the incident.