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Woman tried to hide from police by placing dirty laundry basket on her head while officers raided her home

By Alexis Bell 2:09 PM February 14, 2018
Laundry basket on head of woman

A woman tried to evade arrest by placing a dirty clothes basket on her head and body, according to police in the United Kingdom.

Police in Alfreton, Derbys, took a photo of the suspect as she was standing in her bathroom with the clothes basket on her head.

Police posted the photo on Twitter and wrote: “This female was located and arrested for failing to appear in court. She said ‘It’s all well and good as I’ll hand myself in on Monday.’

“However, she should have turned up last week when she was told to. She even tried to hide when she saw us but she was far from good at hiding and seek.”

Police did not disclose why the woman had to appear in court.

The laundry basket had holes and her face was visible.

The woman was standing on a scale in her bathroom and left the door wide open.

Police added: “It’s not the first time this happened and probably won’t be the last.”